Back by popular demand is’s second “I’m a Believer” campaign, celebrating some of the newest Christian contributors and community members who are committed to sharing their faith and advice. We hope their transparent honesty will inspire your personal walk with Jesus as well.

Believers Share

Galo Pacheco recently joined the team of contributors.  He would like to share with you his testimony of why he believes in Jesus Christ, as well as why he is thrilled to share his faith with the community. To view more testimonials and other contributors, click the banner above. 

My name is Galo Pacheco. I’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for 37 years. I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

When Andrea asked me to tell my story, I praised God as I had been waiting for a long time to share the news of his love to anyone who will listen. is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

Andrea asked for twenty minutes of footage, but instead I gave her two hours worth! I shared how I almost went deaf as a child, went through several employment crisises when moving to this country, and lost a dear sister through a tragic event.

Because time is limited, let me just summarize that God always came through for me. Not only did my ear heal, as well as my heart over my sister’s untimely death, but I enjoyed a highly successful engineering career despite a rough start as a new immigrant to this country. My family thrived thanks to the gifts provided for me by God.

Why was one simple man like me afforded such blessings? Because God loved me, and I knew it. I turned to him when things were rough… when it felt like all odds were against me. I cried out, “Jesus, help me. Please!” Every time, his peace flooded me and gave me direction. 

Now that I’m retired, I’m spending much of my time composing music in my back yard studio. I have allowed Andrea to video tape it. My goal is to share more of it with her and others so that they, too, can praise Jesus through worship.

In my video testimony you will hear the story about how my family almost died on a trip to Yosemite. Through the grace of God, and two angels disguised as hitchhikers, all of us were spared from a fiery plummet down a moutainside.

May God bless you all. Thank you for listening to just one part of testimony in the video below. And remember: “There are no accidents!”


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