This year, is launching its “I’m a Believer” campaign, celebrating some of the newest Christian leaders on our team of contributors who are committed to sharing their faith and advice.

By clicking on their photos, you can get to know them better through their testimonies and bios. Allison Herrin recently joined the team of contributors and would like to share with you her testimony of why she believes in Jesus Christ and loves to share her faith with the Believe community …

“I had a past … a broken past. Desperate to find value and worth I searched in all the wrong places, further validating my value: worthless.

I spent many years lying in the arms of strangers; desperately hoping just one would cherish me, if even for a moment. The pain of rejection; men taking what I freely gave, as if it had no significance was too much to endure. Alcohol would numb the pain for now.

One man said yes; it didn’t matter who or why. He stuck around long enough so I said yes too. Five years and three children later I found myself alone again. I had no idea how to be a wife or make a marriage work.   

I found myself homeless, five months pregnant, shattered both emotionally and spiritually and still stuck in the patterns that were attached to my broken past. I picked up one foot after another and began moving forward; crawling really.

At rock bottom, I walked through the doors of a church. The single mom’s support group was all I knew to do. 

In that group I found God. He stepped in and called me worthy; He took my past and healed the pain, changing the course of my future forever. Jesus died for this very purpose and I believe with everything in me he would have done it if I were the only person on the planet. 

But I am not the only person and I feel obligated to share this God that heals pasts, redeems lives and calls people worthy! This is why I contribute here at I can’t help but shout His praise!” 

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