Being without a church can feel like you’re missing a piece of yourself. And, in fact, when you are without a church, you are missing a piece of yourself — you’re missing that piece that only God can fill.

Choosing a church, however, is not always easy. You want to find a church that feels like home and will inspire you in your Christian walk. As you look for a new place to call your church home, here are five things to consider:

1. Learn from the Past

Think about the churches you have attended in the past and why they were so great. Analyze what kind of leadership style you like best. Do you like sermons with fun, contemporary stories or services with a lot of music? Make a list of what you like most about your past churches and then use that list to guide you to a new church.

2. Recognize Your Assumptions

Just because you grew up going to one denomination doesn’t mean you won’t like another. Branch out and attend services at denominations you’ve never attended before. Just because you always assumed it wasn’t for you, doesn’t mean that’s true! You never know, you may like what you find!

3. Be Honest with Yourself

Are there any sacrifices you will be forced to make if you join one of the churches on your list? If you loved something specific from your last church that isn’t available at the churches you’re currently considering, maybe you need to keep looking! Be honest with yourself and take your time looking for just the right place for you.

4. Get to Know the Church Members

Make sure to spend plenty of time at each of the churches you are considering. Attend several services, check out the Bible study, and introduce yourself to as many churchgoers as possible. The only way to really get to know a new church is by getting to know the people who make up the church!

5. Consider Each Church’s Unique Strengths

All congregations perform some universal functions—they exist as places of worship, avenues for community building, educational spaces for people to learn about their faith, sources of assistance for people in need, and conveyors of hope and ultimate meaning. Yet, the manner by which congregations direct these functions reveals their unique ministry strengths. Take a deeper look at the churches you are considering call your next church home and what makes them unique. That may make your choice a bit easier when it comes to this fun, yet difficult decision!

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