I am a people-watcher. I like to sit back and see how people respond to different situations that they are faced with. Some are avoiders and run from what is going on around them, while others embrace their situation vivaciously. I see these reactions all the time. But what I’ve discovered is that regardless of the situation, or whether people avoid or embrace what is happening around them, most people show a lack of humility.

Christ’s Example For Us

In today’s world, most people have bought into the lie that everything should revolve around them. The focus for many is pride. Generally speaking, people seem to be fixated on the idea that they are smarter, better and on the correct side of what is “right” compared to their counterparts. Perhaps this is why the human race is so fractured.

History is speckled with people who radiated humility: Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa and Ronald Reagan, to name a few. They not only showed a meek spirit but were also Christ-followers. As humble as these people were, Jesus was the humblest of all mankind. He came from the realm of glory to earth in order to restore the broken relationship between us and God. Because of his actions, he was the best example of how to live a humble life.

Jesus was respectful to those around him, especially women and children who, at the time, were considered unworthy. He showed compassion to those who were sick and without leadership. He was patient and forgiving with those who were living in their sin, like the woman accused of adultery. Jesus showed gratefulness to his Father and was the most servant-hearted. But perhaps the best attribute of humility that Jesus showed was his incredible ability to forgive others.

24/7 Humility

As I see it, Jesus showed humility all of the time. Whether he was in a good place (healing the sick) or a bad place (just before his crucifixion), he was humble. If Jesus was willing to remain humble by staying in his situation when he easily could have left, what is stopping me from humbling myself to a place of being able to listen to others’ opinions with respect or helping someone in need?

I must be willing to help co-workers even if it’s not my job to do so. I must be willing to reach out to friends and listen to them when they are having a bad day, regardless of how my own day is going. I must be willing to forgive a family member for saying something hurtful to me. It all starts with me and my willingness, not the other person.

The Benefits Of A Humble Attitude

Why should we bother to be humble at all? If everyone is out for his or her own interests, what is the pay off? After all, Jesus was humble and still ended up with enemies.

One could argue that it is easier to simply walk away from “the least of these” and not reduce oneself to being a servant to those less fortunate. Sure, you may have friends that will think you’re off your rocker for showing patience to annoying people or respect to those who may not deserve it. On the other hand, the rewards that will be gained include joy, peace, fulfillment and wisdom. Those alone are good reasons to remain humble in all areas of life. Add to that honor and being like Jesus, and I don’t have to tell you which side is the winning one.

So, if I was people-watching and you happened to wander into my view, would I see a display of great humility or of great pride? It’s a scary question to ponder, especially if you’re a believer.

Being humble, whether by our actions or with our possessions, is an amazing way to live life. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy to do and takes concentrated effort, but it is doable. By living humbly, we allow our pride to be lowered and can see people the way Jesus sees them.

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