Home, Let me come Home
Home is Whenever I’m with you
Home, yes I am Home
Home is wherever I’m with you

Personal Inspiration

I remember watching a video just after the new year called “Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge & Alexa Narvaez).” The video is about a father and daughter doing a duet cover.

At first the video only had a few thousand views and now at the time of writing this post the video has over 4 million views.

Why is this video such a success you ask? Besides the fact of going viral going on the Ryan Seacrest and Ellen show, the video shows a purity and an awesome bond between the father and daughter which is adorable. At one point she looks up to her dad with puppy dog eyes and asks “One day I’m gonna whistle?”

In an interview, the father, Jorge, talks about family time with music. His personal inspiration in doing the music video is his two loves, music and his daughter.

Core Values

In business, often time we forget that the visionary goal is not monetary or power but should come from the heart of your core value. Your core values are usually your first reason and motivation to succeed.

Is it to provide and have a better life for your family?

Is it to provide a better life for yourself even?

Once the momentum gets going, don’t ever lose sight of why you are building your empire in the first place. No matter where in the process of trying to be successful, you always have your core value to home to.

My Core Value

This video was very touching because my core value is, of course, my family and it just reminds me of my daughter and me.

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