HollyandRiley01I met Riley in a twist of events, really. I had decided that I was going to delete my account because I felt I wasn’t cut out to find the one meant for me. The day I went to log on to delete the account, I wasn’t able to connect to the site; I needed to get to work so I thought I’d change it later. The next day when I logged on, Riley had sent me a message at the same time I was trying to delete the account. I saw his picture and the only message was, “I like your smile!” Something inside told me to take a leap of faith.

Meanwhile, Riley was bored in stats class and decided he’d create an account … not realizing he was about to stumble upon the page of his future wife. He said he couldn’t stop looking at my picture, so Riley decided to test his faith and tell me the one thing he couldn’t get off his mind – my smile!

It’s funny how fate works. Riley’s profile wasn’t a fit for my matches because he was outside the distance I was willing to travel, but God had other plans. We talked over the phone for the next month getting to know each other. Both of us commented on how it felt like we had known each other our whole lives. It had really only been a few days.


Our first date was to a hockey game since we both love it so much! By the third date, I was hooked. We went ice skating and he kept falling all over the place. Who knew a guy that loved hockey so much couldn’t ice skate?! The following week, Riley asked me to be his girlfriend. God had different plans for us than we had for ourselves. Over the next six months, we grew in faith and in love with each other. One Saturday in May, Riley got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. So of course, I said yes! The rest of this fairy tale is still being written. The wedding is planned for June 2016!

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