Joseph and I met on Saturday, April 14, 2012 through ChristianMingle. We talked a little bit that weekend, and kept talking for a few weeks, but our first date didn’t happen until May 1st. Our relationship started out as it should, as a friendship, and we took things slow. We enjoyed hanging out and getting to know one another, sharing our likes and dislikes. We found that we held a lot of the same interests such as our love for amusement parks and roller coasters, superheroes, some of the same sports, and games. We both have a strong love for Taco Bell, too, and their “Will you marry me?” sauce packets played a big part in our engagement story.

Joseph proposed to me on Christmas Eve night, 2012, and I said yes! We exchanged the Taco Bell sauce packets that we each had with each other with those words on them. It was the best Christmas ever for each of us. We told our families and they were all excited. Our wedding will be on September 28th, 2013.

Joseph and I live close to an hour apart and at times it has been tough for us to see each other more than once a week. The distance is definitely hard when you love someone and want to spend time with him! We are thankful that we both thought to sign up for ChristianMingle when we did. We both have had previous experiences with online dating that didn’t go well or didn’t go anywhere, but with this time around, true love was found!

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