I admit it. Even I have lamented as I’ve stood in my closet and proclaimed these words aloud. Yes, even me, America’s #1 Christian Fashion and Style Coach. So it hardly surprises me that you might do the same.

In my ministry at Fashion Meets Faith, I’m continually asked if it’s okay for a Christian woman to think about what she wears.  Here’s what I get, “But God only looks at the inside, right?” or my personal favorite, “If he (boyfriend, husband, potential date) doesn’t like me for me then he’s not worth it” and more.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Christian beauty. God desires for us to care for ourselves. Remember what the apostle Paul told the Corinthians?

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? Therefore honor God with your body. 1 Cor.6:19-20

I wonder if that means clothes too? Should we honor Jesus with what we wear?

Unless you’re going to walk around naked, I’d bet my last pair of designer shoes that God’s not too impressed with spending a ton of time and money on our wardrobes. He does, however, deem it important that how you dress may reflect on the way others perceive Him.

It also mirrors how others see you.

I was asked recently to make some fashion videos for Christian Mingle to help women learn to dress for potential dates.  As I was considering what subjects to film, I knew I’d be remiss if I didn’t first do a video to remind women that inner beauty is the most important accessory to wear each day.

How you act, talk and go about life is way more critical than whether you’re wearing light or dark jeans.

The goal in dressing is to bring attention upward toward your face because true beauty shines through vivid eyes, a beautiful smile and a kind countenance. Your facial expressions show the world whether or not you’ve spent time with Jesus. (Trust me, we can tell.) However, next in line for my video series was color. Wearing colors to complement our individual coloring points the onlooker upward and helps bring attention to our face, not our body.

In my newest book, Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear, I instruct readers on how to give themselves a complete and total makeover; from knowing what brand of jeans is best for their bigger than average behind to learning how to choose a rockin’ pair of eye glasses to fit your face shape (which I teach you how to measure so you know what face shape you actually have) to finding the best colors. Because I’ve stood in my closet on many occasions and hollered out, “I have nothing to wearrrrrr!!!!” I created a book that gives guidelines and rules to dressing because honestly, until we know the rules, we don’t even know we’re breaking them.

10 Rules for getting gorgeous

1. Color me Beautiful: Wear colors that make you shine. Not sure what they are? Go to www.ColorEnalysis.com and take the color test. Wearing colors that complement you is one of the easiest things you can do to make an immediate difference in how you look. When you wear colors that look amazing on you, you’ll appear confident and poised. The wrong colors can make you look sickly and even depressed.

2. Eye Have an Important Tip Right Here: Your eye color is one of your best neutral colors. Mix and match a wardrobe around this God-given gift.

3. The Rapunzel Scenario: Are you receiving compliments on your hair style? If you can’t remember the last time someone oohed and aahed over your locks, it’s time for an appointment to cut it, dye it or buy some more!

4. Stuck in the Middle?  If you gain weight in your belly and have a little more of it than you wish right now, leave your belts in the drawer and don’t tuck your shirts in.

5.Does your bra fit properly? Make an appointment to have a professional bra fitting at your local department store or specialty shop. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll look and feel when you have the correct size bra on. Your waist will even appear smaller! (No joke, it’s true!)

6.What about your support system? Speaking of undergarments, make sure bra straps are out of sight. Hence the word, ‘undergarment’. If you’re wearing a dress or top that shows your bra straps, change your bra to a strapless one. If we can see your bra under your sheer top, um, please change. Ask a close girlfriend for advice, too. 

7.Choose accessories based on your frame size. If you are petite; opt for small to medium size earrings, bangles, prints and handbags. Larger size gals elect larger handbags, necklaces, and patterns. If you consider yourself more average build, select medium size accessories and bags.

8.Buy some dark jeans: A dark pair of jeans is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe so choose the most figure flattering pair possible. You may even want two pair. One pair to wear with a colorful tee and flats, and the other to wear with a silky blouse and heels for an evening out.

9.Visit the makeup counter and ask for a makeover: Most department stores offer this service, or ask your friends if they know a Mary Kay consultant who can help you. Make sure to choose makeup shades that coordinate with the colors that look best on you. There’s a complete makeup section in my book that tells what makeup colors to wear with what.

10. Do the “blink test”: Once you are completely dressed, stand in front of a full length mirror with your eyes closed. Now open them. What is the first thing you focus on? That’s likely what others will see too. Do you have too much makeup on? Is your necklace falling into your cleavage? Are your boobs busting out all over? Is your dress too tight, too short or are your fluffy areas not being concealed by your clothes (we don’t call it fat around here, just fluffy, so wearing the correct size clothing is important…it may require going up one size.) Once you make the proper adjustment to your wardrobe or makeup, do the blink test again…how do you look?

Remember, you are beautiful.

Really, you are.

There is no one else like you, and God didn’t make a mistake with you.

Yes, it can be difficult to figure this wardrobe thing out, but if you follow my guidelines, I promise new confidence will emerge, and others can’t help be attracted to that.

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