Mike was devastated in May 2013 when his wife of 20 years divorced him and walked away with another man without a backward glance.  His marriage had been one of friendship, but not love.  Though rocky all the way, and living a life of discouragement and abuse, Mike was a man of endurance.  He kept his marriage vows until the end.  He spent an entire summer depressed and discouraged, with nowhere to turn except to God. 

He felt a strong impression to try a Christian dating site that fall.  He tried ChristianMingle once, got scared, and took his name off.  Then he decided to try one more time.  This time he was matched with “Godbenearyou2”.  Interested in Heidi’s profile, he was curious.  There was no picture.  So he sent a photo request every day for about 10 days.  He sent messages.  He sent “Smiles.”  No answer.  Then he lost power and didn’t have access to the internet for about a week.  When he finally logged back on….
Heidi was devastated in May 2013 when her husband of almost 19 years revealed his secret life.  He had been with another woman for the last 2 years.  He wasn’t sorry, and he wasn’t about to give up his happiness.  He threw Heidi and their 3 teenage kids in the trash without a backward glance.  It had been a marriage of convenience in the beginning, but spiraled into a life of emotional and verbal abuse for Heidi and the kids.  As a parting gesture, Heidi’s husband liquidated all the finances and withdrew what little money they had from the bank, closing the account and leaving the broken family penniless, humiliated, and catatonic.  Heidi was launched into a summer of depression and despair, with nowhere to turn except to God. 

When she finally woke up later that fall, she felt God calling her to try ChristianMingle.  Trying it once with the username “Godbenearyou,” she got scared and removed her profile.  A few days later, she couldn’t stop herself from trying again.  Emboldened, she came back on as “Godbenearyou2” and was immediately matched up with “Ihavefoundyou”.  He had sent her so many smiles and messages and photo requests, but she hadn’t responded because she hadn’t paid to read the messages.  Once she did, she started writing back to Mike.  Only he didn’t answer….his power was out!  She thought he had ditched her!
About a week before Thanksgiving, Mike’s power came back on.  “Godbenearyou2” wanted to talk to “Ihavefoundyou”.  They finally connected.  And what a connection!!  They had so much to talk about.  They emailed back and forth all week long.  Then on Thanksgiving, they tried the instant messaging feature.  They couldn’t believe how much they had in common and how much they had to talk about.  They were falling in love…then they were in love…and then they actually said that they loved each other, all on the same day. 

They met face-to-face for the first time on Black Friday, the very next day, with Mike driving 100 miles north to meet Heidi after work.  Though separated by distance, they talked every night for no less than an hour, not missing a day.  Whenever they got a chance, they saw each other, with either Mike driving north or Heidi driving south.
On Christmas Eve they got engaged.  They plan to elope in May, and for the first time for each of them, it is a marriage of love.  True love.  Lasting love.  Unselfish love.  The First Corinthians kind!  They both learned that God’s plan for your life is always far better than anything you can dream up on your own.  God can use any means to bring people together.  Mike and Heidi had both prayed ferociously to God for love.  God answered using ChristianMingle!
As far as advice?  Just do it!  Bathe it in prayer and be ready for something amazing!

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