Another year has come and gone—again! Hard to believe, isn’t it? And, of course, you know what that means: We’re smack-dab in the New Year’s resolution season. UGH! Anyone resolving—one more time—to lose those extra ten pounds, spend more time reading your Bible and praying, be kinder, more patient, more thoughtful, etc.?


All of those may be worthwhile goals, but I’ve decided instead of focusing on them to instead heed my Beloved’s call to “come away,” to spend time with Him, to bask in His love and let Him change me according to His purposes, rather than mine. As I do so, I’m sure at least some of those other goals will be attended to as well.


Will you join me in answering His call this year, regardless of how busy your to-do list becomes? The very idea that the God of the Universe, the Savior of all mankind, would stoop to invite us into His presence is stunning, making His offer too sweet to ignore. And, ultimately, that’s all He asks of us anyway. If we miss a couple of meals and lose a few pounds in the process, super! If we spend that time with Him developing a more disciplined Bible-reading and prayer time, wonderful! And if answering His call to “come away” and spend time with Him results in a deeper love relationship with The Most High, then 2013 will be a successful year indeed.


Signing off now. I hear Him calling…


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