Heather and I met on ChristianMingle in August of 2007. On our first online chat, we both felt an immediate connection and had so much to share with one another. We met up a few days later at the California Pizza Kitchen in Cherry Creek. We talked so much until we finally realized that the restaurant staff were waiting for the two of us to finish so that they could close for the night! We drove back to my place and on the way we noticed fireworks going off in the distance – I told Heather it was a sign! We chatted non-stop until the early hours of the morning, and then I drove Heather back to her car.

We lived 69 miles apart, which made dating a challenge, but we would talk on the phone most nights, wandering into work each morning bleary eyed from a lack of sleep. Had it not been for ChristianMingle though, there’s no way we would ever have met.

On the one year anniversary of our first date, while Heather and her daughter Kaitlyn were with me and my children on a road trip to Canada, I got down onto one knee and proposed marriage. The kids were all in on the secret and my son Chris videoed the whole thing, without Heather knowing what I was up to. The rest is joyful history and as I write this we have been married for over two years.

We really feel that our prayers were answered, not just in the way that we met, but also with how everything came together, especially our wedding (complete with a beautiful rainbow shortly after we were pronounced man and wife) and our honeymoon in Mexico. It feels so good to finally be ‘equally yoked’ with someone that has the same Christian beliefs and family values. Now the house is filled with love, happiness and laughter and we feel so
very blessed. We can’t thank ChristianMingle enough for connecting the two of us and making it all possible.

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