This blog is called The Power Of A Moment.

It occurs to me that I have been somewhat lax in writing about moments in time that really move and affect me.

I just had one such moment.

My brother recently lent me a DVD of the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables. I had seen the movie and while I loved the themes of grace and redemption, I truly did not understand why this play was so beloved. When I shared that with Jeff, he handed me this DVD and said, “Watch this and you’ll see why.”

He was so right!

I literally sat transfixed as Broadway actors and actresses used their incredible vocal gifts to make the music come alive in astonishing and beautiful ways.

One performer in particular brought tears to my eyes.

His name is Alfie Boe and he played the grace-saturated hero, Jean Valjean.

At one point he sings a prayer to his God called “Bring Him Home.”

He sings with passion, tenderness, deep emotion and tremendous power. It is absolutely spellbinding. With the final note, which is both exquisitely gentle and fiercely powerful, there is complete, almost stunned silence. Then, the audience leaps to their feet and absolutely explodes with cheers, shouts, and applause. Even Alfie Boe looks overwhelmed as he stands alone bathed in the spotlight on that huge stage. Tears shine in his eyes and he swallows hard.

I had chills all over and realized I was holding my breath. The beauty of that moment filled my senses and I marveled at the amazing talent I had just witnessed.

Then I remembered the fascinating and beloved verse our pastor had mentioned on Sunday: “The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior … He will rejoice over you with joy … and in His love He will … make no mention of past sins or even recall them; He will exult over you with singing.

If you belong to Jesus, He is singing over your precious life right now.

Imagine! Jesus Christ SINGS over YOU!

Just let that settle on you for a moment. Drink in the truth of that statement. Marvel and be amazed.

If the voice of a human being has the power to move us so deeply and bring tears to our eyes, it is astounding to imagine what Christ’s own voice—the very Voice that called creation into being—must sound like!

He is the Creator of all music. He is the Creator of all beauty. He is Beauty.

Therefore, His voice must be beautiful beyond description.

When the day comes … and it is coming for all followers and lovers of Jesus … that you finally see Him face to face, I imagine He will lift His voice in joyous song and serenade you with a love song that will  last for all eternity.

Until then, rejoice in knowing that He sings over you, His beloved, even now.

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