My husband called me at least 3 times that day. I had started to get a little “irked.” I mean, he was messing with my schedule! What schedule, you ask? Well, my own mental home-imposed schedule!

Then, I paused and gave it some thought. And God spoke to my heart about my attitude and my priorities.

In the past, my husband had complained that I could sometimes seem less-than-eager to talk to him when he called me. So he stopped calling me from work for a while. Yikes.

Is that what I really want?


Today, I am so thankful when my husband calls me. I’m so thankful he misses me during the day. I’m thankful that he wants to see how my day is going, or just to hear my voice. I’m thankful that he asks for my opinion.

So what’s a few minutes in my day? So what if I don’t get a few things done? I’m investing into a person – a relationship. A marriage.

I want my husband to know that I love to hear his voice. I love to be on his mind.

I pray that I will convey a joy from my heart when my husband calls me on the phone, comes home from work early, or stops in the room to pay some attention to me. Because he loves me. He desires to be with me. And as his wife, that is my heart’s desire, as well.

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