October is Pastor Appreciation Month, a time when congregations take steps to honor their pastor. With 31 days and four Sundays in the month of October, you have more than one opportunity to share your thanks with the church leader who has been helping shape your relationship with God.

Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and in teaching. 1 Timothy 5:17, KJV

Appreciation does not have to take the form of anything elaborate. Simple thanks often goes a long way when the heart is in the right place.

Showing your pastor appreciation can be done individually or as a group. If you already make it a habit to give thanks to your pastor, try to think of something different or something you haven’t done before.

Ideas for Displaying Your Gratitude:

1. Pray

Pray for your pastor. This can be done at home, while you are at church or even when you are taking a walk. Gather up other church members and pray as a group for your leader. God loves to hear our prayers. Praying for someone shows loving support for that person.

2. Love and Support

Your pastor does not automatically know that you love or support him. Everyone likes encouragement, and pastors are not any different. Express your love of going to church and hearing the sermons. Compliment his attitude or personality and let him know you genuinely enjoy how he delivers his messages. Support him as he takes on the large task of speaking God’s word over your life.

3. Send a Card

In the age of technology, with vast social networks at your fingertips, it is always nice to receive something good in the mail. Send your pastor a card with a kind word or two. Lift your pastor up with a cute or funny card to give him after a sermon and be sure to sign your name the old-fashioned way: with ink. Skip the computer-generated cards and font, and visit a card store to pick out a personal message.

4. Shout It From the Rooftop

While you don’t actually have to get up on a rooftop (it is not recommended), publicly thank and support your pastor. Though old-fashioned communication is a personal way to express your appreciation, social media gives you the opportunity to reach a lot of people. Let all your friends and family know just how much you like your church and pastor. Who knows, you may unknowingly bring another person to Christ.

5. Creative Gifting

Giving your pastor a gift does not need to cost money, though a financial gift is helpful. Instead have the gift come from your heart and get creative. Bake bread, can jelly or jam, make cookies, paint a picture, knit a scarf, give a plant for the office or even make a donation in your pastor’s name to a needy organization. Use your imagination and your gift will be received with the intent in which it was given: appreciation.

Your pastor works hard to bring you the teachings of the Bible and put it into an understandable message. A pastor has many things to deal with other than delivering God’s word: he needs to speak in front of large audiences, preach clearly and with purpose, look put together even if he is having a bad day and he needs to believe in the Word himself and obey God’s law, and yet he is only human.

It is a tall order to be a pastor, and they are under more scrutiny than the average person. Expressing appreciation, love and thanks are thoughtful actions to show your pastor support.

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