When we met, I knew it was going to be something different. I didn’t know we would end up getting married that same year, but Jordan said he knew from the beginning. I like to play a little harder to get! Our first date was a Nationals baseball game. I don’t even remember who they were playing that night, because the conversation just seemed to flow. If there was a moment of silence, we’d look at the baseball field and then go back to chatting. (Jordan has informed me that they were playing the Astros.)

From June 18th until he left for Haiti on July 6th, it felt like we always knew each other. Before Jordan left for Haiti, I wrote him a tiny little journal with a note for each day, ending with a bible verse and encouragement. At the end of each day I wrote, “I like you.” I wanted to say the three words every girl wants to say, but again … I was playing hard to get. When he was in Haiti, the distance made us realize quickly what we meant to each other.

The Wi-Fi was spotty to none, but when he could, he would text me over iMessage and once we even got to FaceTime, which was severely delayed and our mouths weren’t moving at the same time as our words. As it always did, the Wi-Fi would drop and I would wait very impatiently for him to contact me again. The second day Jordan was gone, Jordan’s dad (whom I had not met) text messaged me to see if I wanted to surprise Jordan when he returned home from Haiti and show up with his parents at the Pittsburgh airport. I said of course, got it set up with work to get released and I headed to western Pennsylvania to meet Jordan’s parents. (I ended up meeting Jordan’s parents, both sets of grandparents and his aunt and uncle all by myself. It was amazing and one of Jordan’s favorite parts of this story. He still can’t believe I would do all of that without him being there, but I loved him.)

Jordan returned, we successfully surprised him and he was beside himself with joy that I was there. All of my nervousness about, “What if he doesn’t want me here?” or “Is this too much too fast?” dissipated with one look. That night, we went back to his parents’ house. We all chatted, and then his parents went to sleep and Jordan opened up the journal I wrote him. Without him knowing my intentions, I left a blank page on the back of each page I wrote in hopes that he would write something back to me every day. He did just that.

After we finished reading the journal, he elaborately told me how he had fallen in love with me, and before I said how I felt, I said, “So what are you trying to say?” And he said, “I love you.” The next two days we spent together, we talked about how we wanted to get married. Little did I know that less than a month later, we would be engaged. I didn’t even help him pick out the ring. He’s a pro. Four short months later, we were married in Boston surrounded by our families and are living out month five of our happily ever after.

Thank you for your services. I would have never met this extraordinary man were it not for ChristianMingle. I didn’t even know men of his caliber existed. Thank Jesus they do!

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