I tell you what, God answers prayers!

My fiancé’ and I started communicating on ChristianMingle on November 6, 2013. His username was
“Sportsman27” and mine was “Oklahomagirl17.” I was actually the first one to send him a “Smile,” which I usually wouldn’t do.

I like that he was really into hunting, and fishing, and he sure was handsome! There wasn’t much
information on his profile, so it intrigued me to know more immediately. The first couple of days we tried to set up a time to chat, but I was not able to, so he asked if I wanted his number. I sent him a message back with mine instead. He texted me that evening with pictures of him and his 3-year-old son. I was with my aunt and cousins at the time and showed them the picture, and I said this could be my future husband right here! We talked constantly for days, texting, talking on the phone for 3+ hours a night – we craved the communication with each other. I loved that I was getting to know him and his heart, with nothing physical. Our feelings for each other were growing quickly, and after just talking a week, we both admitted that this just was meant to be, God’s work.

We were both looking for the same things. When I asked him what he was looking for he said, “Someone who loves the Lord, will study the Bible with me, will love me and my son, honestly who is done with the party scene, will go to their knees with all of likes problems with me and my best friend (his son).” I told him I was looking for a man that will make God his focus and lead his wife and
family in the same way. I feel like if you pray together, you stay together. I wanted someone that would be selfless – put God first, his wife and family second, and then himself. I let him know that I was
dating to find my husband. He had previously been married for six years, and had his 3 year old son, and I previously was in a bad relationship.

Both of us had been praying that God would send our mate, asking God for every quality we wanted, and that they would be a Godly person, that we could serve the Lord together. We both agree that God answered our prayers plus some, we feel that we are both more than we could ever ask for.

November 15, 2013 was our first date! This would be my first date on ChristianMingle, and Lance’s 3rd. We lived 1.45 minutes away from each other, and I drove there, nervous the whole way! We went to Bass Pro shops first, because we were too nervous to eat! We took a picture with Santa there, and then went to Charleston’s for dinner, and he showed me around the town he grew up in. The sparks were defiantly there! We couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other, we held hands the entire night, had great
conversation, and couldn’t believe how comfortable we were with each other!

The next day, November 16, 2013,we became an official couple. I decided to surprise him one Friday evening and I got to meet his son, and the rest of his family and friends. November 28, 2013 on Thanksgiving Day, he surprised me with a dozen roses, which included one artificial rose. Along with
the flowers he made a note that said I will love you until the last flower dies! My family knew all about it, and recorded it for us. He proposed to me March 9, 2014. I knew we were going to take pictures down by the river with his best friend and his wife, who is a photographer. So we jumped on the 4-wheelers and headed down to the river. We took our pictures, and as he asked what other poses we should do by the river (which was the code word for his best friend), I turned around and he told me he loved me and asked to marry me! Of course I said YES and started crying. We got pictures of the whole thing! It was perfect! His friends went back up on their 4-wheeler and we stayed down by the river and he prayed for us, that God will always be our center and we will make this a covenant with Him. Happy
tears just kept coming. That would have been perfect, but as we pull up from the river I see a huge crowd. It was all my family and friends!! He had called all of them and they all drove 1.45 to come surprise me! It made it that much better! We got video of us pulling up, and the song I will be walking down the aisle to was playing in the background. Afterward, we had an engagement party at his house. I was so happy I got to share this wonderful day with all my family and friends, he did perfect! We are now planning a wedding, and very happy!

The advice I would give ChristianMingle members is to never settle. Let go and let God, because He knows what is best for you and who will make you happy. Another thing Lance and I would say is PRAY!! God hears you, and he will answer your prayers even better than you could imagine. Be picky about what qualities you want, and most importantly, make sure you each are putting God first. I don’t see how I ever went through a relationship before without doing so. Now that we both do, it goes so smoothly, and there is so much more happiness, because we are pleasing God. PRAYER IS POWERFUL! ONLY GOD KNOWS WHO IS BEST FOR YOU, AND HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN IF YOU PUT HIM FIRST! We always see the ChristianMingle commercials, and we say that’s us!! It really can happen! Thank you ChristianMingle!

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