From the famous bowing prayer pose on the field and staunch pro-life stance of Tim Tebow to the “First thing’s first!” comment of Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner, the National Football League NFL has experienced a spark of Christian faith from players who choose to make their faith known on and off the playing field. When Christianity are part of the game on the field, the greatest players of faith in the NFL mix professional football plays with spiritual beliefs and come out winners.

The NFL can ban religious expressions after a touchdown, but it can never ban the deep, heartfelt views of some of its professional players. Whether you are a fan who firmly believes God is on the side of the team you are rooting to win or you think that religion has no place in an athletic game, the truth remains that these players won’t back down to a challenges in the game or in their lives.

Players like Colin Kaepernick, Michael Oher, and Drew Brees are among active professional football players who are not afraid to let their faith shine through. Whether it is a controversial tattoo or a point upward towards heaven after a touchdown, these guys don’t back down from incorporating what they believe into their game.

Kaepernick’s Biblical Tattoos

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, created a stir among sportscasters looking for a story when his throwing arm showed up with biblical tattoos. Pictured inside an inked scroll, he had imprinted the following scripture which sums up how he views the connection of his faith, physical abilities, and work on the field:

You armed me with strength for battle; you made my adversaries bow at my feet. —Psalms 18:39 

Oher’s Miraculous Story

If you don’t recognize Michael Oher’s name as the Ravens first-round draft pick or Super Bowl XLVII champion, perhaps you’ll recognize him from the movie about his rise to fame from out of the ashes of life in the movie, The Blind Side. Oher overcame the odds as the son of a crack-addicted mother who was raised in foster homes. The Tuohys, a wealthy Christian family whose children attended the same school as Oher, brought him into their home and eventually adopted him. They helped make his football endeavors a reality by supporting his physical abilities and giving him a chance.

Brees’ Faith in Saints

What better team to be on for a Christian than one whose name represents a body of believers – the New Orleans Saints! Drew Brees is the 2009 Super Bowl winning quarterback and MVP. His life on the field is nearly as flawless and impressive as his life off of the field. He and his wife head an organization called the Brees Dream Foundation, which provides money to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients and to provide care, education and opportunities for children and families in need. 

Brees is also well-known for his association with Advocare supplements. He lives out his faith in a way that expresses actions speak louder than words. While he is extremely active in his Christian lifestyle, he prefers to show kindness through actions and making right decisions as opposed to loudly flaunting it in your face.

Other NFL Players of Faith

The NFL is not limited to these three well-known players of faith. Throughout the years, there have been and will continue to be others who choose to make their Christianity known.

When you are the star quarterback of a Super Bowl Championship team, the attention draws out details of your life to interested fans. Just like the quarterback cannot win the game without the help of his receivers, there are other lesser known teammates who are devout Christian believers behind the scenes, in the locker room, in their daily lives, and in how they make their plays in the game. 

Some other familiar players who have publicly professed their Christianity include Troy Polamalu, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ovie Mughelli, Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, Donald Driver, Dallas Clark, Jason Witten, Jeff Saturday, and many others who have graced the National Football League’s fields.

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