God of Every Story is Grammy and Dove award winner Laura Story’s latest album, that recently released and is sure to be in hot demand.

The 11-track album has a range of songs, from ballads to up-tempo tunes that share unifying themes of God’s love, forgiveness and acceptance in the face of human frailties.

Here’s a breakdown of the album, which will surely invigorate every listener’s passion for their Lord and Savior.

Track 1: “There Is a Kingdom”

This song is soothing, yet upbeat and energetic. It builds up to a powerful level that’s perfect for a praise song. It reminds us of God’s grace, with an invitation to lift our voices and sing to Him, with words like, “Sing for the joy we’ve found … our kingdom’s coming.”

Track 2: “O Love of God”

This song has a slower pace ballad start. It picks up almost unexpectedly into an upbeat tune about God’s all-embracing nature. Beware, as the catchy chorus will ear-worm you. This poignant song is a powerful reminder that God’s presence is all around us.

Track 3: “I Can Just Be Me”

This is the album’s first single, and anyone can relate to its description of the human frailties we all feel. It’s a reminder of the broken and needy feelings so common among humanity The song assures us that we can be ourselves and reach out to God because He’s always accepting. It will pick you up when you’re feeling down and need that reminder, with powerful words like, “Be my father, my mighty warrior … we can just ask and He will be, even when we’re shattered.”

Track 4: “Who Is Like Our God”

This tune is reminiscent of melodies from Casting Crowns. It has a simple, comforting structure that frames a reminder of the mightiness of God. It’s well suited to worship, and you can’t help but reminded of God’s majesty when you listen to it. It’s so uplifting that you’ll want to sing along.

Track 5: God of Every Story

This is the album’s title track, and the storyline is reminiscent of Third Day’s “I Need a Miracle” If you’re going through tough times, it’s a soothing remind of God’s reliability, consistency and understanding. It brings a ray of hope with its happy ending, and sometimes that’s just what you need in those dark moments.

Track 6: “Who but Jesus”

This is a slow ballad reminding us of what Jesus is all about. Often we forget that He loved the sinners and the unlovable, and sometimes we need a reminder of this tenet of our fate. It’s more about this reminder than about comforting the listener in hard times. It will inspire you to be more like Jesus when you remember what He did while He walked the earth. He loved thieves and lepers. It reminds us “Who but Jesus” exactly as the title says.

Track 7: “Keeper of the Stars”

This one starts slow, then segues into an energetic, upbeat number. It’s a soothing reminder that God can do the impossible. As the Keeper of the Stars, it’s no problem for Him to handle any earthly concerns. When you need to let go of troubles and concerns, put this song on as an uplifting reminder of His power. Soon you’ll agree with the words, “I won’t be afraid ’cause you’re holding every card.” It’s all about trust in God, something we forget all too often.

Track 8: “Forgiven”

Story’s voice is soothing and pleasant in this ballad that advises us to remember the times we were drawn into the comfort of our faith. Like many of the songs on this album, it emphasizes the comforting aspects. We’re all forgiven by God, and this song gives us some important reminders of that fact and the ways we can see it in everyday life. The word forgiven is woven throughout, along with the reminder that “we are chosen, we are loved.”

Track 9: “You Gave Your Life”

This song is a heartfelt reminder of God’s sacrifice. If you need a quick, easy listening dose of self-esteem, you’ll find it here as you’re reminded that Jesus died for you and all of humankind. It’s pleasant enough to sooth you in rough times and remind you of your worth to God.

Track 10: “Grace”

Grace is an ongoing theme on this album, and the title makes it hard to mistake what this song is about. The music and words wash easily over your ears as it reminds you of God’s steadfastness and unlimited ability to forgive. This is a perfect morning song to set a positive mindset for the day. Story asks, “How many times will you pick me up when I keep letting you down?” Almost everyone will relate because of our imperfections and the fact that we don’t deserve God, yet He’s always there. 

Track 11: “He Will Not Let Go”

Slow, soothing and relatively short, this song is another reminder of God’s steadfastness. Although not as substantial as some of the other songs, it wraps up the album’s themes quite nicely.

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