On November 10, 2011, God helped us meet through ChristianMingle. It was such an act of His providence! Through messaging back and forth, we discovered that we had so much in common, from our love of Dr. Who to our deep interest in spreading the message of God’s love through our writing. Even though we were living on opposite ends of the country (Justin was in Pennsylvania and I was in California), we established a deep connection unlike anything we’d ever experienced. It truly was a “deep calling unto deep” kind of thing, with Christ as the head of our relationship. We began dating in January, and we quickly realized that the Lord was bringing us into one another’s lives for good. We were engaged on May 14th (my birthday), and are looking forward to our marriage next May!

We are still marveling at God’s providence for us both. When we met, both of us were going through very difficult problems in our lives. These problems persisted in different ways as we began dating. However, through faith in the Lord and our willingness to be strong for one another, the Lord has forged our love for one another and for Him into something unshakable. No matter what trials come our way as we enter a marriage and continue our lives side by side, we know that God will always love and provide for us just like He did last November when He brought us together through this site.

Thank you ChristianMingle for being a part of God’s plan for our lives!

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