…how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. (Matt. 7:11)

In March Kiki lost her Leapster (a handheld gaming system for kids). It was her Christmas present, and she loved, loved to play Nemo and Diego on it. We prayed and scoured the house and waited, but the Leapster never reappeared. So for her birthday in June, we purchased another Leapster for her gift, and she now “checks” it out and in to the Mommy library so it won’t get lost again.

But yesterday, when she checked out the Leapster, it didn’t work so I changed the batteries, expecting it to flash on. Nothing happened. It was dead. I asked the girls if they’d dropped it, and Karly informed me that the last time they played with it they gave the Leapster a bath. Sigh… As my friend Laura tells her children, electronics and water do not mix.

As we walked this morning, I prayed, asking God to please reveal where the old Leapster was hidden. I felt a little silly asking for it, but God was the only one who knew where it was…

And then God did a miracle for me and my girls. Minutes after we got back from our walk, I started cleaning the house. We have a small den in the front of the house that is rarely used (our only “adult” room), and I picked up the cushions from the couch to straighten them. There, tucked under the big cushion, was the green Leapster. I stared in shock. After six months of searching, it reappeared. Minutes after I prayed. There was no coincidence about it.

I called the girls into the room, and they cheered and clapped over God’s gift for us today. It may seem like a small thing, but for my girls, it was huge. A miracle. Almost as if God had waited six months, waited for us to ask one more time, so we could truly see His love and His power. Together we rejoiced.

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