Do you realize that there are plans that you have been put on this earth to fulfill and only you can do them? Do you realize that when your Father created you he did so with great intention with just the perfect plan for your physical features, your personality, and your abilities?

Do you remember when you were a little kid and dreamed of becoming the next world-champion figure skater or the next President or the teacher at a local high school? Do you remember how exciting it was to dream of your future spouse or your future house? Do you remember the anticipation you felt? When did you lose that? Since when did we stop getting excited about things?

As parents, we do our very best to encourage our toddler and young children that they can be anything, do anything. They can become an NBA player, astronaut, doctor, or scientist. They can discover the cure to cancer, the next best dance move, or the remains of ancient civilization. We speak life and truth to them. We encourage them. We push them and inspire them.

When did we lose that vision and dream for our own lives? When did we let it die?

For many of us, the insurmountable disappointments of life have replaced our once all-consuming dreams. The fire and passion that God placed inside of us to accomplish that thing that we knew we were placed here to do – own our own business, become a beautician, start a Bible study – has been quenched.  It sits smoldering in the recesses of our minds. Dare we speak it? No. We dare not even think of that thing God put there. What if we are just setting ourselves up to fail again?

Parents, listen closely. The very best thing you can do to help your child achieve his or her dream is achieving your own. Show your child that against all odds you made it. Show them never to give up. You pursued. You overcame. You persevered. You pressed in and pressed on.

Dare to dream new dreams. Dare to achieve the ones you already have.

Author/speaker, Jennifer Maggio, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on single parents and women’s issues. She is an award-winning author and founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. She currently oversees one of the nation’s largest single moms support groups and has helped to launch more than 1200 others in churches around the globe. She is a regular on radio and television. For more information, visit 

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