Why do we sometimes try so hard to figure out God’s plans for us? If we feel uncertain about the future, we may pour over the Bible to see how He has worked before, hoping that His previous actions will be replicated in our lives.

We think about the experiences of our friends and reflect on our own past, assuming God will work in the same way or similarly again. 

When we think like this, we are in danger of reducing God’s ways to a predetermined formula. We are not believing the reality that our Lord is a creative God who uniquely and actively works in the lives of people. 

The Bible displays the many ways God accomplishes His will and reveals His glory. He came up with innovative and unexpected solutions and created distinctive plans for each person. A look at all the ways Jesus healed people shows He is not bound to only a few tried-and-true methods.   

As I think about decisions and milestones in my own life, I see God’s creativity by the various ways He has worked.

At times, He has revealed His plans for me after one prayer, and other times He has showed me His will after what felt like a million prayers. He has guided me by making me desire what He wanted for me, and other times He has led me to walk uncertain paths where I fearfully didn’t want to go. He has taught me through wise friends and pastors, and other times through the quiet of His indwelling Holy Spirit. 

Even though we can’t predict His ways, we can have faith that He is loving and that He is intricately and uniquely working on our behalf in every single thing. He is a good God who has made us, who provides for us, who knows us and whose grace covers us. Through His own goodness, we know that He works for our good in all things (Romans 8:28). 

How has God worked in different ways in your own life?  

What does this teach you about His creativity and His goodness?  

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