It’s one of those long complicated stories, so let’s keep it simple, shall we?

7 years ago I met Jennifer Mobley Thompson through blogging.

4 years ago I started on a personal journey to know Jesus.

1 year ago I was officially baptized, becoming part of a wonderful community of believers.

The youth pastor at our church runs interference a few times in my son’s life. He has always asked about my daughter, too – a good reminder that I can’t focus worries on just one child. My other baby needs me just as much. (He never slapped my hand for it, but I just sensed this kind nudge to be present for both babies. So important, and really impressive for such a young pastor.) Now, back to the short  story. laugh

My husband loses his job, but a week later I miraculously gain one at

Part of my job? Bringing on new writers. Enter, once again, Jennifer Mobley Thompson (who is featured in this week’s newsletter with her wonderful article Know Jesus? Take a Quiz and Find Out.)

What does she share with me? A video made by a darling couple announcing their pregancy as part of a Coke campaign.

What makes this so strange? Jennifer lives on the East Coast and has no idea that the person in this video is my son’s youth pastor.

Extra divine bonus points? I had just given up Diet Coke but then fallen back on the wagon the day this video came out. (That’s stretching it a bit, but made me laugh none the less. Plus, I was up a few extra hours thinking about it. Caffeine or confusion? Again, you decide.)

Check out the video. It really is adorable. And let me know – coincidence or God? So crazy!

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