Keep Christ in Christmas.

This catchy phrase has been used by Christians for many years as a gentle reminder of the true meaning of this joyous season.

In many parts of the world, Christmas, like many other major holidays, has become rather commercialized. People flock to malls and department stores in search of the perfect gift and the biggest sale. Neighbors compete for the most extravagant light displays, and Santa becomes the center of attention.

As Christians, we know that Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas tells the story of a child, born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and watched over by shepherds. Of a child who was born to a mother who had been chosen by God to bear His son. Of a child who would grow to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we could experience salvation and everlasting life.

How can we focus on Christ this Christmas and give the gift of His love?

  • Invite a neighbor or friend to church. Perhaps your family attends a special Christmas service. Consider inviting another family member who doesn’t usually attend, like a lonely neighbor or a friend from school.
  • Go caroling in an effort to spread the Christmas message through song or consider partaking in a Christmas pageant or living nativity scene.
  • Hand out Bibles, gifts or care packages to people in need. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens and halfway houses are always in need of assistance during the holidays.
  • Visit those who are homebound or sick. Nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and assisted living facilities are full of individuals who either have no family of their own or who have family members who are not local. Ask staff and facility coordinators if you can bring gifts, baked goods, or cards for the residents. If you play a musical instrument or like to sing, you could share your musical abilities with the residents as well.
  • Decorate. Get in the Christmas spirit at home by decorating for the season. Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments are great, but make a special nativity scene the star of your home décor this season. Have younger children set up a manger for baby Jesus (a favorite baby doll) and play Christian Christmas music and Christ-centered songs as you go about your day.
  • Purchase an advent wreath. Light the candles each night while reading the accompanying scripture with family.
  • Send Christmas cards. Many families send cards to friends and loved ones, but consider sending cards to those who might not otherwise receive them, including those who are serving overseas, prisoners, missionaries, overseas orphanages and individuals in nursing homes or homeless shelters.
  • Read the Gospel. Read the actual Christmas story found in the gospel and spend time reflecting on the birth of our savior with your family. Discuss what this means for us and how the birth of Christ has changed our lives.
  • Do charitable works as a family. Find a cause or organization that you are passionate about and come up with a way that you can serve together.
  • Reach out. Invite a neighbor or someone who may be lonely to have Christmas dinner with your family.
  • Spread the Word. Purchase a Keep Christ in Christmas car magnet and spread the word on the go.

However you decide to celebrate this year, take time to appreciate all of the blessings in your life and pray for those who may not be as fortunate. The best way to spread the love of Christ this Christmas is by being aware of the blessings He has bestowed upon us and doing what we can to share those blessings with others. 

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