It all started when I sent Jason a smiley that asked, “Would you like to be friends?” Little did I know then that I had just met my soul mate. Various conversations soon followed, until we finally met for the first time on New Year’s Eve 2011. Jason lived in Texas at the time, and I lived in Pennsylvania, so he flew to Pittsburgh for four days to see me.

After our first meeting, we knew our relationship had the makings of something special so we made plans to visit each other for longer periods of time. We would chat for countless hours on Skype and send each other various messages and emails, until we finally met again on March of this year. We spent ten days together, but they went by so fast that we found ourselves longing to spend more time with each other. We realized then that we were destined to be together for the rest of our lives!

On June 2012, three months after our second encounter, we were joined as one at a beautiful small church in Pennsylvania, in the presence of God and 40 of our family members. Our wedding was the most wonderful day we had both ever experienced!

We wanted to praise God for making this marriage possible and for ChristianMingle for allowing our paths to cross!

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