God had promised to give the Israelites the land of Canaan. They simply had to believe His promise and take the land, but when they heard the scouts’ reports of fortified cities and people of great size, fear gripped their hearts.

The majority is always wrong when God is not its central focus. When we look at our circumstances from a human perspective, we often see impossibilities instead of God’s provision. Then we miss out on the blessings of God. Doubt, unbelief, and negativity can lead us to question God’s Word.

Obedience, and not opinions, will bring you blessings. God promised His people the Promised Land. He had delivered and sustained them. He had guided them day and night through the wilderness. But the moment they faced an obstacle, they questioned, “Where is God?”

Giants become grasshoppers through the eyes of faith. Ten scouts saw the Canaanites as giants and themselves as grasshoppers. But two saw themselves as giants because of God’s promise.

Faith in God and obedience to His commands has its own reward. Two of the 12 men Moses sent to explore the Promised Land knew if the Lord was with them, He would defend, protect, and lead them. They had seen His faithfulness in Egypt and in the wilderness.  They knew God would prevail and they were the only two to enter the Promised Land.

Do you wake up in the morning worrying about your future? Do you go to bed at night thinking about the same miserable giants in your life? Remember God’s faithfulness to you and place your faith in Him and trust His Word. When you do, you will have His peace and blessing for your life.

Prayer: Lord, please forgive me for focusing on the problems in my life rather than focusing on You and Your abundant faithfulness to me. In You, even my trials work ultimately for good. Thank you for your faithfulness and love.  I pray for faith to see the giants in my life as grasshoppers. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

“We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them” (Numbers 13:33).

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