Single life got you down? While there are plenty of great things about being single, there’s no shame in admitting that you’d like to find “the one.” Online dating makes it so much easier to find a great match, but it doesn’t usually happen overnight when you join. It still takes a little work, and the waiting can certainly be a challenge. Finding your soulmate is a huge payoff, but what if you’re feeling discouraged because you haven’t found that special someone yet?

At ChristianMingle, we love hearing success stories from our members. If you’re feeling a little down about your prospects, the best remedy may be to read up on some of these real-life love stories. Sometimes, all you need is that gentle reminder that it only takes one date, one email or even one click to get to the one you’re meant to be with.

Whether you’re thinking of signing up for ChristianMingle for the first time or you’ve been a member for months, you’ll feel inspired by these online dating success stories submitted by real ChristianMingle members. Find out what these members did that made it possible for them to find their one and only.

Expanding Your Search Parameters Just A Little Bit Makes All The Difference

“It was time to take the limits off of God. I knew that it was possible for the man that God had for me to one day walk through the doors of my church, step into the fitness center where I worked or stand in the same aisle as me at the grocery store. All of those scenarios were possible, but I had to decide that for me, it was also possible that the man God had for me did not live in Charlotte, NC where I resided. I was ready to be married, so I was no longer willing to box God into my preferences.”  Celeste & Brian, married March 2015

Taking A Big Risk Could Change Everything For The Better 

“One day, I decided to be a little adventurous. I had been talking to a guy online and decided to go out to Huntington Beach where this guy lived. I was nervous to go meet him, and it was a big surprise for him.”  —Brittany & Nate, married April 2016

Hitting The Jackpot After Just Two Days On ChristianMingle

“I saw the ChristianMingle commercial, and to be honest, I questioned if the site would even work. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I opened my profile and there he was! I clicked on his name and started reading his profile. I was really interested by how he described himself. I decided to send him a spark back. I had only been on ChristianMingle for two days!”  —Cynthia & David, engaged June 2016

Not Letting Distance Get In The Way Of True Love

“I’ll never forget the day I saw Dustin’s profile. ‘He’s perfect for me,’ I thought. But the problem was that he lived in Colorado, and I’ve been an Okie my entire life! … A few weeks later, we had our first Skype call and had a blast getting to know each other. I felt like I had known him my entire life!”  —Rachael & Dustin, married March 2016

These ChristianMingle couples remind us to never give up hope! Keep looking for the one; you never know where you might find them.

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