Doug and I met on ChristianMingle on May 15, 2012. He had only joined the site that night and when I got on, he had already sent me a message. I answered it and we chatted online back and forth into the wee hours of the night. Doug asked me for my phone number because his computer needed to be fixed and he still wanted to talk to me, but I informed him I didn’t feel comfortable giving my number out. I was online the next night and noticed he had left his number, in case I wanted to call him. The following night, I called him because it seemed as if someone was telling me to. Throughout the next few days, Doug and I got to know each other and could laugh and talk about anything, feeling very comfortable with one another.

Doug originally joined ChristianMingle for three months just to have someone to talk to but God had other plans for us. Everything from the moment we began chatting just seemed to fall into place! Once we met in person on May 22, 2012, I canceled my membership never to go on any dating site again! Now at age 72, who would have ever thought that I could fall madly in love, but I did!

The day I met Doug, I had been to the hair dresser to get my hair done. My granddaughter didn’t want me to meet a total stranger by myself, so she was with me. After the hair dresser, we returned home to find Doug, as handsome and as neat as could be, waiting on my porch holding a dozen red roses and a Christian card. Now who could say no to that? I just couldn’t believe my eyes as he walked down to greet me with a hug. I was trembling like crazy and he kept asking me if I was alright. He thought I was going into shock and I was! I was shocked to see a man so good looking as he coming all the way from his home to meet this old lady. At the time, Doug was 68 but certainly doesn’t look or act it! People say I don’t look or act my age either.

Doug had planned to take me out for dinner, but the terrible storms made my granddaughter a bit scared to be home alone with her baby, so Doug suggested that we have our first date at her house in order to keep her company. Although we didn’t have much time to ourselves, he and my great grandson tossed the football back and forth and it was plain to see that he loves kids as much as I do. Instantly, my granddaughter loved him!

After that first date, Doug came to see me every weekend and each time he would bring me something that would let me know that he cared a lot for me. One week, he brought me a plaque that said “Having someplace to go is a home, having someone to love is a family, having both is a blessing.” This plaque now hangs up above our couch. Throughout our dating, I saw another side of this man that God had put in my life and from that moment, things would never be the same. Everything just got better and better.

At one point, he told my Granddaughter that he was giving me a ring on the beach on my 72nd birthday on June 9, which he did! I was so happy when Doug got on one knee and asked me to marry him! Initially, we planned our wedding for one year from the date we met, but everyone kept asking us at church what we were waiting for. So, though we had only a month to plan, we got everything ready for the small church wedding and reception that I had always wanted.

While we waited, we got counseling from our pastor, we prayed together, read our bible together, and served God. We were married on Doug’s 69th birthday and we couldn’t be happier! Afterwards, we went on a 21 day honeymoon to my home state of Illinois, Branson, Missouri, and Iowa where we met up with friends and family, all who loved Doug.

There is so much more I could say how God truly has blessed me with giving Doug to me through ChristianMingle. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could love a man so deeply as I do but I know it was nothing I did, God gets all the glory in this relationship. Everyone that sees us says we are like two giddy teenagers, but Doug makes me feel like this. When he holds me, I feel safe and secure, and cozy inside. God used ChristianMingle as his tool of getting us together.

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