I just wanted to encourage you “still single and looking” people out there. First of all, you’ve come to the right place. You believe in God and that’s the very 1st thing you should do! Second, you’ve come to a site that promotes that way of life. My name is Georgia and I was a Texan, living in Georgia. I met Larry in Oct. of 2003. Larry was living in Midland, Texas. When he “smiled” at me, I was intrigued cause I sure wanted to be paired with a fellow Texan! (It’s a Texas thang!!) We began chatting, then phone calls, then webcam, every night, up until Feb. 2004. I know this doesn’t happen often, but we knew we were meant for each other after only a couple of weeks. Even though we hadn’t met in person, we had laid down the foundation of a Godly relationship first, through conversation. We kept God first and foremost.

We were able to discuss everything that would come up in a marriage and how we would deal with it. He had 2 grown children, but my 3 were still young and living with me–that was going to be a challenge in itself. Well, to make long story short, I had to go out to Texas in Feb. and we planned on getting married in Texas, packing up his belongings, and him coming back with me, much to the distain of family and friends. But, we knew God was in it so we were not afraid. We had to put up with alot of: “an internet relationship???!! No way, it will never work!!!! You haven’t even met him!!! Are ya’ll CRAZY? What if he’s a weirdo??”

Anyway, we endured it, cause we knew it was right. I did go out there in Feb., got married, and it’s been 1 month of blissful happiness ever since!!! EVERYONE has fallen in love with him, too!! I am soooo glad to say to them, “I told you I was right!! When you put God first, everything else will fall into place!” Not to say the way we did it is right for everyone, but it was right for us!

Thank you, ChristianMingle for bringing about our happiness that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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