I had been on ChristianMingle for three weeks, but hadn’t yet met the person I wanted to share the rest of my life with. Right before I turned off my computer, I noticed the profile picture of a man answering the weekly question. His eyes and smile definitely caught my attention. And when I saw his Air Force t-shirt and saw that he was from Maine I became even more intrigued. After reading and enjoying what I read in his profile, I sent him a smile.

The next night I received a smile from him. When we started chatting I found out that he became a member just so that he could answer my smile! We talked for two nights, discussing everything from our hobbies to birthdays. I had mentioned that I used to take sunrise photos on the beach and later that month-to my utter surprise-he sent me a beautiful photo of a sunrise on my birthday. I knew then that we had something special! Every time we spoke, we didn’t want our conversation to end. One night we talked on the phone for eight hours! And every night thereafter for hours on end.

Two weeks after our first chat, we began to Skype and talk more frequently throughout the day. We discussed every question we could think of pertaining to our lives.

The first time our eyes met on Skype we knew we were meant for each other. We were amazed at how comfortable, compatible and attracted we were to each other. We instantly fell “head over heels” and by the fourth week, we confessed our love to each other and our gratitude to God for bringing us together.

What is amazing is that when we met I was living in San Francisco and he was living in Maine. I had moved from Massachusetts nearly 9 years earlier, but had always said that “my heart is in Maine” and someday I would live there. Little did I know my heart was actually named Max. After four months of daily texting, talking and Skyping we finally met face to face on Thanksgiving Day. He proposed to me that very same day and I said yes! We are joyfully planning our wedding for June 2013 and we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you ChristianMingle for being the conduit for God to introduce us and help us get acquainted. Praise be to God for our dreams are coming true in each other!

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