August is here and the back-to-school countdown is in full force! That means it’s time to shop for new clothes, new school supplies and new techie gadgets! Here are five of our favorite gadgets that will have you (or your kids) utterly excited about heading back to the classroom!

1. It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s an Alarm Clock?

First up on the list is the Flying Alarm Clock! ( Not only does it wake you up with a loud shrieking alarm, but it also leaps off your nightstand thanks to a little propeller-driven key. To turn off the horrible racket, you have to get out of bed and retrieve the key. Now that will get you up and ready to rock!

2. It’s Got Your Back (Literally)

The Collegiate Laptop Backpack ( has a built-in siren & strobe so that it can provide the ultimate in “Mobile Personal Security” for the user. In a split second, you can activate two high decibel sirens and a high intensity strobe light simultaneously to attract immediate attention to a dangerous or harmful situation. And, it’s louder than most car alarms. This spiffy backpack definitely has your back in more ways than one!

3. The Pen is Mightier Than …

Taking notes during class just got easier! The Livescribe™ Pulse™ smartpen ( remembers everything you’ve written in digital form (you can sync your handwritten notes onto your PC or Mac®), and it also keeps track of whatever was being said while you were scribbling thanks to a built-in voice recorder  and up to 2 GB of storage. Pencil us in for an appointment with this cool gadget!

4. Noteworthy Apps

Don’t like writing out notes the old-fashioned way? Try a note-taking iPad® App! ( These Apps are able to combine voice recording and note taking, allowing users to record audio as they take notes! The audio is synced with the notes so users can quickly listen to a particular part of a lecture, meeting or interview without having to start from the beginning. The best part? Most of these Apps are available for less than $5!

5. Tablet Time

At $200 for the most inexpensive model, the Nexus 7 tablet from Google ( is cheaper than most other tablets. According to techie geeks everywhere, this brand-spanking-new tablet is quite popular thanks to its light and thin design. From class to lunch to work to home, this bad boy goes wherever you go!

*Mac and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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