The competitive housing market has made it difficult for homeowners to sell their homes, since there seems to be an abundance of homes for sale with little prospective buyers. It can also be difficult for homeowners looking to upgrade because of the restrictions the banks are requiring on new loans. Many homeowners are looking into home renovation projects to either help with the sale of their home or to simply increase the functionality of their current home.
While renovations can often become expensive due to hidden costs and labor costs from hiring outside contractors, many people opt for what they are able to do themselves. Popular shows on the DIY Network and HGTV have given rise to many homeowners taking on these jobs on their own.
Home renovation projects can be a great way to not only save money on repairs and upgrades, but also spend some great quality time as a family. Check out a few small projects that can be done at-home as a family and see how you can turn your project into sweat equity.
A backsplash in the kitchen can really help with cleanup and can add a quality look to upgrade a space. There are a variety of different backsplash options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a standard tile or a more diverse look. Kids can help with picking out your material choices and they can even help with parts of the installation process. For many tile jobs, there are some great options in mosaic schemes with a huge variety of different colors and themes to choose from.
A great way to save on costs in either a kitchen or bathroom is to keep the existing vanities and cupboards. Simply painting rather than purchasing all new products can be a great way to modernize a space and even add a pop of color. The process can be a bit time consuming with the sanding, priming and painting, but the time can be spent as a bonding experience for the whole family to partake in.
Kid Zone
While not all homeowners can afford to create a kid’s oasis in their backyard, there are a few projects that can help to make a kid-friendly zone for all to use. While it can be ideal to build a tree house for your little one to explore, a full-on tree fort can be quite costly. Instead of forgoing the project altogether, think of ways to put little additions on your existing outdoor space to make it more kid-friendly. Simple things like mounting a steering wheel or telescope to a guardrail on an existing deck can help to make a kid zone worthy of your child’s exploration.

Fun Height
There are a number of products offered to help kids see how much they have grown over time, whether it’s the simple measuring guides or stick-on characters. However, building a measuring guide to cater to your child’s personality can personalize their space and help to make a fun project as a family. To start, parents can cut a thin piece of wood into the shape befitting their child’s personality. This can come in the form of a rocket ship, princess castle, dinosaur or wherever their imagination takes them. You and your child can help to paint the cutout and then it can be mounted to their bedroom or play area. Don’t forget to make markings for their height guides and the result will be a fun wall decal that has more than one function.
When it comes to home renovations, the project doesn’t necessarily need to be a full-on gut job. Simple add-ons can make a huge difference and can even be participated in by the entire family. Take advantage of quality time spent as a family and improve the functionality and appeal of your home in the process.

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