Mother’s Day is about honoring our moms for all they do for us each and every day of the year. While we often show our appreciation with a gift, the celebration of our mothers doesn’t have to stop there. Instead of focusing on expensive material gifts, think about fun ways you can surprise your mama with special activities to celebrate her and allow you to spend time together all at once! Here are five fun Mother’s Day activities to help you enjoy the day!

1. Go for a Hike

If the special mom in your life loves to hit the trails, consider taking her to a state park in your area. You can hike the trails, take in the fresh air and enjoy some quality bonding time together. Mom not much of a nature buff? Take her for a “hike” through your local mall and let her pick out a new pair of earrings, a shirt, or purse on you!

2. Invent a Game

Come up with a new activity that your whole family can enjoy together for Mother’s Day. You’ll earn bonus points if the game’s theme has something to do with moms or an activity your mom loves. Consider creating a trivia game with questions on famous moms from the Bible. Or, you could quiz your family on famous moms from popular TV shows.

3. Take a Trip to the Farmers Market

What mom doesn’t love perusing through the local farmers market? Take your mom to the farmers market on Mother’s Day, purchase some of the fresh and delicious produce found there, and then use it to make your mom a scrumptious lunch!

4. Come Clean

Instead of buying your mom an expensive gift this Mother’s Day, consider spending the holiday cleaning her home. It may not sound glamorous, but she will thank you for giving her a break from the mundane list of chores she has on her “to-do” list. While this activity may not fall into the “fun” category for you, your mom will likely say it’s the most thoughtful gift she ever received.

5. Volunteer

Do something to make you and your mother feel good – volunteer at a local women’s shelter or for an organization like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only will you be spending quality time together, but you’ll also be supporting your community through vital volunteer work. Ask your mom if she would like to volunteer with you today and help spread some of that Mother’s Day love!

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