There’s a current Facebook trend that’s been disturbing me. I’m seeing more and more posts where people proudly speak of dropping out of people’s lives. How we as Christians defend this ugly trend of “I don’t need people; I am done with you, and if you don’t agree with me I cannot be friends with you.” I see little effort in people seeking forgiveness and reconciliation with people who are brave enough to say, “Hey I am sorry, forgive me” or “I made a mistake.” What I’m finding instead is that people lack the lasting values of meaningful friendships and loyal bonds. They recycle friends out every few years.

Not all friends will agree with everything you do, but it does not mean you’re not friends. Every person ought to have a friend who loves you in spite of your nasty ways, a friend who can stand you, a friend who likes you and a friend who can say no to you! Superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston had friends that wouldn’t say “no” and gave them whatever they wanted just to be able to live in their shadow. People who only want a “Yes Friend” really don’t want a friend at all. They want a groupie, a flunky or a dummy.

My pastor, Dr. Merdice Brown, said, “If a friendship entails one always agreeing, then there is no need for the other.” Another pastor of mine said, “He who fails to think falls prey to the thinker.”

Let’s choose to be thinkers. We may not all agree or think the same way, but let’s be mature enough to receive criticism and advice from our friends while still being able to walk together. Of course, you have to set boundaries and define how you would like to be treated. However, we should have more patience and be long-suffering. We should realize that no man is an island and that we cannot live alone. We all make mistakes and fall short. If a person is willing to ask for forgiveness then we should love them, restore them, and resume fellowship. If you are honest, you will have to admit that you have played a major part in what went wrong.

If you keep walking away from people, family and friends, you will eventually walk away alone. Look at the path that you have set before yourself. If you’re the one always talking about walking away, it must be you you’re trying to get away from.

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