Here are four dating tips for Christian singles:

1. Don’t Date Just to Date

Although dating can be seen as harmless and fun, dating for the sake of dating can really screw with someone’s head. Not only is it unfair to the individuals you are seeing, but it’s also unfair to yourself.

Don’t purposely put yourself into situations that will only mess with your emotions. There is a maturity and responsibility that comes along with the action of dating, and if your only reason for dating is “just because,” I would really encourage you to take a step back and not move forward in your pursuit. The motives of your heart play a big role in your dating life and will continue to play a role in any future relationship. Evaluate your motives.

2. You’re Allowed to Have High Standards

Your standards need to be somewhat obtainable, but don’t let anyone tell you that there is such a thing as standards that are too high. The reality is that you’re looking for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, so inevitably you have every right to be as picky as you want to be. Don’t settle for something mediocre when God has something exceptional for you.

3. Purity Paves the Way to Intimacy 

I’m not gonna go ultra-conservative on you and claim sex before marriage leads to death, but I will say the wait is worth it. Not only does purity show a sense of respect and honor to one another, but it will also show the depth in which your relationship with God stands.

God intended sex to be for marriage, and as a follower of Christ it’s our duty to protect this sacred gift. The world around us has turned sexual activity into a recreational sport, when in fact God intended it to be a spiritual joining of two people. Don’t let the world poison your view on sex. God intended it for more.

4. Prayer Is the Key

This tip speaks for itself. And although it might be a no-brainer to most of you, you’d be surprised to know how many people leave prayer and fasting out of their dating lives.

When it comes to Christian dating, any relationship that hasn’t been prayerfully considered is a relationship I’d re-consider. I’m not saying you can’t find a wonderful person without praying, but why would you want to ignore the opportunity to seek wisdom and guidance from the creator of the universe? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Spend time in conversation with God, and allow him to guide you towards someone he sees fit. There is no such thing as a prayer-less godly relationship.

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