As a teenager, didn’t you always assume life would get easier as you got older? It seemed like being an adult meant “things would all work out.” You would go to college, get a job, find a loving partner, get married and have no worries for the rest of your life! Then, you found out life doesn’t work that way and (while things do eventually work out), life certainly does not get easier. But, while that idea may not have been fully developed, there are plenty of lessons our teenage selves knew to be true that can help us as adults. Especially when it comes to love and relationships! Here are five love lessons that you can learn from school-aged kids!

1. Know There’s Always Someone New

If your love interest doesn’t realize how great you are, let go and look for someone new. In high school, we are surrounded by plenty of options when it comes to the opposite sex. So, when someone breaks our heart, it’s easier to move on because we know someone better is waiting for us. As adults, we sometimes forget about the many amazing options that are out there when it comes to love and get caught up thinking that the person we are with is our best option (even when they’re not right for us).

2. Be a Dreamer

Kids dream big. They think about all the wonderful things that could happen to them and they don’t let negativity pull them down. Be a dreamer (and don’t be a pessimist) when it comes to your love life.  Think about all the amazing people out there who could be a great fit for you. Then, think about how wonderful you are and what gifts you could bring to a relationship.  Dream big when it comes to meeting the love of your life and don’t hold yourself back with negative thoughts!

3. Believe Everyone is Special

As a kid, we’re told that we’re all special, and it’s true. Each of us has unique talents, abilities and attributes that make us unique. Think about that when it comes to love. Look for what makes your date exceptional. Is it their kind attitude toward the waiter who messed up your order? Or is it their hilarious way of telling stories about their past? If you open your eyes to the fact that everyone is special, you may just be able to see the extraordinary qualities in someone right in front of you (who may make the perfect match for you)!

4. Be Fearless

Throw yourself into new opportunities, just like a kid would do! Ask someone out on a date, or just go on a date for the fun of it with no expectations in mind! In other words, be fearless so that you can truly enjoy making a connection with someone new and not be held back by your fears, worries or anxieties. Let go and enjoy a little bit of freedom, both you and your inner child will thank you!

5. Ask Your Father

When you’re in doubt about love (or any other topic for that matter), ask God the Father for help! When we are young, we always remember to ask God for guidance. As time goes on, however, we forget that He is always watching. If you want something, ask God. If it’s right, He’ll give it to you. If it’s not, He’ll give you something better. And (like any young child knows) He’s got the whole world in His hands, so you’re always being cared for!

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