Here are five dating tips for guys who are single. 

1. Be Chivalrous.

– Chivalry isn’t dead and we need more men to prove it so. There are so many dudes in this world who are making the rest of us look incredibly bad, so I am encouraging you to be the difference and MAN UP!

2. No girl wants to hear how awesome you were in high school. 

– I’m sure you were really spectacular in your high school days, but no girl wants to hear you brag about your teenage past. Bring yourself up to speed on what’s current, and engage in conversation that is worth looking back on.

There is nothing wrong with leading the conversation, but make sure you are constantly allowing her to share her thoughts, opinions, dreams and aspirations. A great catch is more than a good talker, he’s a great listener.

3. Your social media profiles say a lot about you.

– There is a good chance that any girl who accepts your invitation has already stalked you out on social media. Social media can reveal a lot about someone, so I recommend you monitor your posts, pictures and likes in a mature fashion. Don’t set yourself up for failure by allowing social media to be the reason you get turned down before you even ask.

4. Stop “liking” pictures of half-naked women.

– Just stop. I know this tip might seem a little silly, but I guarantee that any girl who considers dating you will be looking at the types of posts and pictures you “like.” And quite frankly, they have every right to. No lady wants to be with a guy who “likes” other women.

5. Purity paves the way to intimacy.

– Hands off. I know this might be tough, but you need to realize that women want to be treated better than a piece of meat. Be above reproach in all that you do and realize God intended certain things to be saved for marriage. A woman you truly care about is one whom you stay pure with.

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