First dates are typically a bit nerve-wracking, but they can be even more so when we’ve done something we wish we didn’t. Making a mistake on a first date isn’t necessarily going to ruin a potential relationship, but it may keep you from starting off on the right foot with someone. Here are three things you shouldn’t do on a first date.

1. Don’t Come Off As Desperate

You don’t need to agree with everything they say like a dog to their owner in order to win someone’s admiration. It’s okay and healthy even to say how you feel about things, even if it differs from what your date thinks. That’s the purpose of a first date; you’re getting to know each other for the purposes of marriage.

Be sure to hold your ground in your own beliefs and be careful not to morph into what they believe just because you want it to go well. It won’t work out for you down the road if you’ve lied to your date about these things and then suddenly need to clear the air.

2. Think About Who Should Pay

I’ve heard a few stories where the guy’s card ends up not working or he didn’t have cash on him. News flash: This is 2017, and if the guy didn’t come prepared, don’t allow yourself to pay for a first date with the mindset that he’ll pay you back later. Honestly, you can just end the night, even if you have to call your family to pick you up or a trusted friend.

Too many guys pull off the “but he’s so nice and listened to everything I said” card very well and really just want a free dinner. You have no way of knowing how many other women they could have pulled off the same thing with. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll pay for your first date, especially if he’s the one who asked you out. Now, if you asked him out and picked the place or activity, he may try to pay but you should come prepared as well!

3. Don’t Bring Up Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets Quite Yet

This can be a hard one, especially if you’ve gone on a date with an open-hearted Christian who ends up sharing their testimony and what God has done in their life as soon as you meet. That’s a beautiful thing, and something to listen to and thank God for, but it doesn’t mean you need to share everything about yourself if you don’t feel like it yet, especially if you don’t know there will even be a second date.

Keeping your secrets to yourself at first doesn’t mean you’re lying by omission. It’s simply of matter of what you’re comfortable with sharing, so don’t feel pressured to share your life story on your first date.

Dating can be a wonderful experience, but be careful to guard and protect your heart as He says in His Word to do. With these tips, you can avoid a few dating disasters that you might potentially regret later on.

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