Jodi Elliott is a Southern California photographer who loves to take pictures of God’s creation. She says, “I think a picture captures a moment in time and tells a story. It is a snapshot that captivates us and helps us remember times we might have forgotten or want to reacquaint ourselves with again.” 

Elliott’s favorite backdrop is nature, and she shoots every type of photo, from people to pets to landscapes to action shots. You can learn more about Elliott, her work, and her business on her Facebook page.

Elliott is also a devout Christian who honors God through her work. She shared the top 10 ways in which she does this in a list that’s full of wisdom. You can use it for inspiration in your own business or hobby or just about any life situation. Here’s what she does:

1. I give up my insecurities and/ or pride to Him.

Elliott’s talent is apparent in her work, yet she remains humble and acknowledges God’s role in what she does. She says, “I honestly never feel totally confident in producing an amazing product, yet at the same time I try not to have the thinking that I’ve got this. His help  is needed every time. If something amazing comes from the result, then I know I can give God the credit and Him the glory.”

2. I trust God with areas of ineptitude and inability and ask God for more of Him and less of me.

Just as God gives us talent, He also helps us in those areas in which we might feel a little less confident. Elliott isn’t the only talented Christian with this viewpoint. It’s reminiscent of Toby Mac’s song, “Steal My Show,” in which he issues this invitation to God:

If You want to steal my show, I’ll sit back and watch You go,
If You got somethin’ to say, go on and take it away,
Need You to steal my show, can’t wait to watch You go,
So take it away

3. I ask others to pray for me.

We can never have enough prayers, and God never gets tired of hearing from His children. Elliott is never shy about asking others in her life to say a prayer on her behalf when she needs it.

4. I pray through all steps of the photography process.

Elliott does this literally from the moment she receives a phone call from a client. She says, “I pray from that phone call to finding a location and what the client wants. I pray that the client feels comfortable and that I get a good shot and capture a moment in time. I also pray through the editing. While I edit, I pray for the people I am doing the work for, that God works in their lives, making Himself present and real. I also pray through packaging the product up and delivering it to the client that it be received well.”

5. I release control to God.

Elliott explains that she catches herself trying to hang on to the control sometimes. When that happens, she says, “I release that control so He can do His greatest work through me.” Once she’s willing to let go, He’s free to use her as His instrument.

6. I always continue to grow.

Elliott says that she does this simultaneously in her business and her relationship with God, learning to rely more on Him.

7. I surrender what He has given to me.

God has been a big help to Elliott in her photography business, and she wholeheartedly acknowledges that contribution. She also takes in a step further, surrendering back what she has received. She says, “I surrender over what He has given to me to be best used for Him.”

8. I love others well.

As Christians, we know that God loves us, and for Elliott, His abiding love is an inspiration in how she treats others. She strives to love them well, explaining that she wants “to be a light for Him.”

9. I give love, grace and mercy.

Love, grace, and mercy are three important Christian principles. Elliott takes them very seriously in both her work and personal life. She says, “I try to give them to others the best that I can. I do it by using what God has given to me and what I read in His Word.”

10. I honor and protect people’s privacy.

This is particularly important in Elliott’s photography business, since she’s quite literally dealing with snapshots of people’s lives. Her job requires her to catch people in very personal and intimate moments. She respects and protects them throughout the process, in the way she edits. She’s very particular about “what to enhance and what to cover up that best displays God’s creation.”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photographer or have some other business or hobby that’s close to your heart. No matter what it is, you can apply Jodi Elliott’s inspiring words and honor God with whatever you do.

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