Christmas is a time best spent with those we love. But what about individuals who find themselves alone?

Maybe your family is far away this year or maybe you have found yourself newly single. Christmas doesn’t have to be any less joyous for those who may not be surrounded by loved ones this year; there is still plenty to do and many ways to enjoy the Christmas season.

Get to Know New People

Family may be far away and you may not be in a serious relationship, but how about friends, co-workers, or neighbors? Gather a group together to go view Christmas lights, sing carols, or see a local Christmas production. If you are new to your neighborhood, consider hosting an ornament exchange or cookie swap to get better acquainted with your neighbors.


If you have a heart for service then consider visiting local nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other establishments where volunteers can assist. Making Christmas special for those in need can be a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas for what it truly means. 

Christmas is a time to show Christ’s love to not only those closest to us, but to all those we come into contact with. Spending time with those less fortunate can be a great reminder of all that we have been blessed with.

Take the time to be the hands and feet of Christ this Christmas by showing His love to others. Time is one of the most precious gifts we can give and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Attend Holiday Church Events

Oftentimes during the Christmas season, churches will have a variety of events planned to celebrate this special time of year. Check with your church to see if there are special services or events planned. If not, ask if you can help put some sort of celebration together.

Craft Gifts

As children, the prospect of getting gifts was perhaps one of the biggest highlights of Christmas. As we get older, we are able to understand just how rewarding giving gifts can be as well.

Handcrafting gifts for neighbors, co-workers, friends and other individuals who may be in need of some love this Christmas is a great way to put any special talents you may have to good use and spread joy this season. If you are particularly good at crafting, painting, drawing, knitting, beading or any other unique skill set, handmade gifts are always appreciated.

Focus on Your Faith

Focusing on your faith and the promises that come with the birth of our savior are also great ways to spend your time this Christmas season. Check your local Christian bookstores for books and movies to help celebrate and reflect on this most holy day. Family Christian has a large selection of Christmas books including devotions, fiction books, and classics.

Relax with Christmas Entertainment

Curling up by the fire or in a large comfortable reading chair or couch with a steaming cup of tea, hot cocoa, or cider, is the picture of Christmas perfection. Settle in for a night of Christmas movies like A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Wish or Christmas Angel.  

Bake Seasonal Treats

Scents of cinnamon, vanilla, fresh baked cookies and savory side dishes fill homes worldwide throughout the Christmas season. Pick a couple of recipes that you would like to try and create a Christmas menu for yourself or to share with a neighbor.

Regardless of where you are this Christmas or who you may be surrounded by, know that the love of Christ fills every home, every street and every heart throughout the world, all we have to do is let Him in.

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