I want to run. I really do. I attempt it often. But there’s a place that I hit where my lungs are super tight, and my body says, “stop”. . . so I do. Every time.

I realize that other runners experienced that same threshold and they push past it…believing that they’ll get stronger. That eventually those tight lungs will open up because they require it of them as they train daily.

I sense that God is my encourager in this area spiritually. Because sometimes the same thing happens there. I’m full out running, excited, and then it gets hard.

And I want to stop. 

My God sees that other spiritual runners have run the race, and hit that hard spot, and they kept going.

Day after day, they ran until one day they realized that there was pleasure in the run. They experienced something bigger them their own limitations. Their lungs opened up and they breathed in His plans, His glory.

So, both physically and spiritually I am back on the track. Yes, I’m going to hit some hard spots. Yes, it might even seem impossible.

But with God, all things are possible. Those are the words that will pour through my heart as I run, hearing His voice in my heart.

Go, sis, Go! I know you can do it.

What is the one hard spot you keep hitting in your faith?

How is God asking you to keep running until it becomes natural, even pleasurable as you experience His plans?

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