I have been lucky enough to find the woman of my dreams on ChristianMingle.com. I was searching online for a Christ-centered chat room in which to find friends and possibly more. Not in all my wildest dreams did I feel that I was worthy of the amazing woman that I found on ChristianMingle.com.

I was searching for the chance to meet someone special, but when I found Eve, I found my soul mate. People search their whole lives and never discover the kind of committed love that I have found with this amazing Christ-like daughter of our Lord. I love her as much as the human heart is capable of love.

We met on February 22nd of this year, and now we are engaged and will be married on October 28th! I am the son of an Evangelical Free Minister and work in a treatment center for teens with addictions as a role model/mentor. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education. Eve, who was from Omaha, took a job locally at the hospital as an E.R. nurse and we’re doing really well!

A lot of people have questioned whether marrying someone this soon is wise. I remind them that when the Lord points to what He wants for us, and then gently shoves us in the back in that same direction, it’s probably wise to listen.

 I shout from the mountaintops about God’s amazing love in giving two of His children the opportunity to find eternal happiness! We thank God and also have ChristianMingle.com to thank for the years of happiness we have in our future. Thanks again! You’ve made our life!

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