I joined ChristianMingle not knowing what to expect, and I literally found God’s perfect match for me!

I created my profile in January of 2012. Esther and I both said “YES” to each other almost immediately. We began exchanging “Smiles,” which was all I could do since I was not yet a paying member. She ended up sending me an email, so just to be able to read it and write her back, I paid for a membership.

We began exchanging emails, before exchanging phone numbers. Our first phone conversation was almost five hours. We discovered that not only were we the same age and from the same small town of Chillicothe, OH (a population of 22,000), but we had actually been in the same graduating class without ever knowing each other! We grew up on opposite sides of town, attended different elementary and middle schools, and then she went on to the vocational center in 11th and 12th grade, while I stayed at the high school. Our paths have crossed many times through the years, but it took us 30 years to find each other, and only through the help of ChristianMingle!

We are inseparable, best friends, soul mates, and are very much in love. I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day 2013, and we got married on October 26, 2013!

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