I previously tried other dating sites and had seen many commercials for ChristianMingle.  If nothing else, I thought that joining the site would be a fun way to meet people with similar values.  Having not had much success on other site, I decided to just get a three month membership. I had only been on for approximately one month when Stephen first messaged me. He was funny, handsome, and seemed to have a true relationship with Christ as well as a desire to settle down and start a family.

We briefly emailed back and forth and then he disappeared for a while. I was not sure why he disappeared, but was thrilled when he actually messaged me again!  We again began emailing, Skyping and talking on the phone. We finally met September 24, 2013, which was the day after my birthday.
We live approximately four hours apart. Between my job and Stephen’s military commitments, we did not have many chances to spend time together in-person. However, I believe this was an advantage for us. There are many couples who, for example, go to movies on dates and end up just spending time in each other’s presence, but do not actually get to know each other.  I feel that because Stephen and I were dating long distance, we were able to truly get to know each other and quickly discover that we were compatible. We asked the hard questions, met each others’ families and knew the relationship was progressing quickly. On December 15, 2013, Stephen proposed. I, of course, said “yes!” 

I am moving to his hometown next month, and with the help and blessing of both family and friends, we are planning our October 25, 2014, wedding! We’ve heard others say that when something is right, “you’ll know.”  While I do not believe in soul mates, I can confidently say that “I knew” and that it’s true. Our relationship was different from the very beginning and even our family and friends could see it.  
God gave me the kind of man I needed and wanted.  I feel beyond blessed!

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