Emily and I met on September 16th of last year. I saw her profile, and I really wanted to talk to her, but I felt that I should wait and pray to see if this was the right thing to do. I gave it some time and let it play in my head because I don’t take relationships lightly. Anyway, after 24 hours, I was still really interesting in her so I sent her a smile. Shortly after, Emily smiled back at me. We started a fantastic string of e-mails getting to know each other. The more we talked the more we felt like we had known each other for ages. We talked steadily for a week just getting to know each other. We decided that we were going to meet with each other the following Sunday because I work every other weekend. That Friday before we were supposed to meet I started feeling really sick. I thought I was going just getting sick so I laid in bed most of the weekend. That Sunday, I was in major pain so I decided to go to the hospital. While there, they discovered I had a severely infected gall bladder. The whole time while barely knowing her, I kept in contact with Emily as she was majorly concerned for my well being. I felt horrible for having to reschedule our date, but she understood. The following weekend we met for the first time. I was blown away meeting her. I thought she was incredibly beautiful and enjoyed spending the time with her.

If you talk to her she was a lot more hesitant about me than I her. I was out of her mold. She had dated jocks and country men and here I was a bookworm. For the first month that we talked it took a lot of time and patience on both of our parts to do this. We both prayed constantly to make sure this was the right thing to do for both of us. Finally, we both decided to take a leap of faith and become a couple. After that, we never looked back. In January Emily came with my family to Disney World. I had decided that in front of my family, I was going to propose to her. I had had the ring for about three weeks by then and I couldn’t wait any longer! I had decided that I wanted to propose to her at our first breakfast so we could enjoy the rest of the week together! I was so incredibly nervous with everything. Emily always tells everyone that I was extremely quiet that day. She says that I barely spoke to her before I proposed. After we had eaten, I had my brother in law pull the chair away to “use for my niece”. After that, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. After her initial shock, she asked me three times if I was sure, she said yes! It was easily the best week of my life.

Since the engagement, Emily and I have bought a house that we are renovating while Emily still lives with her family. We recently adopted a puppy names Kingsley. Things have come together so well it has been incredible! I will be joining her church once we get back from our honeymoon, which is back at Disney! I cannot thank ChristianMingle enough for bringing the love of my life to me. I know God used ChristianMingle as a tool to find my soulmate and best friend. Thank you for everything you have done, and I will continue to praise and suggest to people to use your product. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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