I found the true love of my life through ChristianMingle. I was married for twenty-five years when my husband decided to leave me to “find himself.” I was very hurt and spend most of my days crying and praying. My oldest daughter convinced me that at 52, I still had a lot of love to give, so she signed me up on EHarmony. I was not happy with the selections, so I decided to find, “Gods match for me.” I joined ChristianMingle and continued to pray. All along there was a man named Terry, who had been praying for a “special someone” to share life’s blessings and to help him raise his family. He was talked into joining ChristianMingle by his older brother. Shortly after he joined he sent me a smile. This was the beginning of a match made by God! As we continued to talk on the phone I found out that his mother was someone I had known for more than thirty years. She had trained me as a new L&D nurse.

I had spoken to her a few months prior to meeting her son, and she had never mentioned that he was divorced. She had never thought of us as a potential couple. It took ChristianMingle and God to intervene. Now she is overwhelmed with joy to have me as a part of her family. We got engaged four months after meeting and will be getting married very soon. If it weren’t for ChristianMingle I don’t think this would have happened. Thank you and God bless your work.

I tell everyone my story and they are all convinced that God works through ChristianMingle.

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