In a world where our inbox is filled with never-ending work and pesky advertisements, it’s a treat to find a message from a romantic interest or a special note from a loved one. Recognizing the joy we receive from these small gestures of affection, why not consider reaching out to tell the people we care about the most to tell them how much they mean to us?

Joining the holiday lineup, there is now an actual day to celebrate this type of digital surprise. It’s fittingly called Electronic Greetings Day – so on November 29th, take a few moments to connect through an electronic greeting no matter what stage of relationship you are in.

Dating Salutations

The first days and months of dating a new person offer many opportunities to bond through technology. From the very first stage of meeting someone, you can link up online through “smiles,” instant chat and inbox messages on ChristianMingle. When you hit it off with someone, it’s an exhilarating adrenaline hit to the soul when you pick up your smartphone and notice that great guy or adorable gal sent you a message confirming their mutual interest. So, on this intentional day of extending appreciation, try to pick one small way to say, “I’m thinking about you, and you make my heart smile.”

Building Relationship

As you’re dating relationship progresses, it’s time to invest in the small daily decisions to show love and gratitude. Every effort you make will either build into your relationship or take away from it so don’t discount the little tokens of affirmation and admiration. You are building a fabric of relational intimacy and each small stitch matters. On Electronic Greetings Day, take the time to send a thoughtful text message and then follow up later in the day with an email or a letter expressing your feelings. Just wait for the positive reception heading your way when your guy or gal receives your kind expressions of emotion.

Long Distance Connections

For those who are pursuing an out-of-town relationship, technology is your ally in keeping the romance alive. FaceTime and Skype are great ways to build closeness and familiarity when true proximity is at a disadvantage. There is nothing as exciting as seeing your loved one’s face pop up on the screen. My husband, a pastor, has even done premarital classes over Skype with couples and helped them prepare for marriage despite long distances apart. Even though it’s challenging to keep a close connection, there are benefits to getting to know a person better when you have to use your words to show affection. Use this opportunity to grow in a different way and build a stronger relationship.

Marriage Booster   

In a marital relationship, pretty much all types of electronic greetings are appropriate – although at this point you should have closed your online dating accounts. Find a way to express your love and adoration to the one you chose for life. I know that on busy days with the kids or when my husband is scrambling around the church ministering with gusto, it’s hard to make space for a text message. But when he does, his wife is sure delighted. You can also consider sending an eCard or romantic email to provide a boost to your marriage via technology.

Often the small gestures of love add up to build more relational equity than a big statement gift, so use Electronic Greetings Day as a reminder to purposely connect with the most important people in your life.

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