We met in August of 2006. I (Tim) lived in California and Elaine was in Ohio. We had always heard “long-distance relationships don’t work out” but we are proof that they can!

I initially had an account on ChristianMingle and Elaine clicked on an ad and decided to do a trial. We were able to talk through chat one night and were both very interested in each other. We weren’t sure how the distance thing was going to work out, but remember reading success stories on ChristianMingle about other couples overcoming many miles. We knew that God had used ChristianMingle to bring us together and if it was His will then it would work out! We spent the next year communicating online and by phone. Although we were far away, the distance allowed us to really get to know one other. We read the Bible and memorized verses together and spent hours talking each day.

In 2007, my company sent me to Ohio for a business trip and I was finally able to meet Elaine in person! Everyone at my company joked about picking Cleveland for a trip… divine providence perhaps?

Elaine and I dated for a year and during that time only saw each other once more. I came back to Ohio for Christmas in 2008 and proposed! We were married 8 months later in August of 2009. It’s now 2013. We will be celebrating our son’s first birthday this year as well as our 4th wedding anniversary. It was an amazing thing to see God’s work in both of our lives! Elaine is everything I could have wanted in a wife: a Christian, beautiful, sweet, caring, loving, and a wonderful mother. Elaine says that I’m everything she wanted, too, in a husband: leader, provider, servant, loving, patient, and hard-working.

We recommend ChristianMingle to all of our single friends. You never know what may come of it. You just might meet your spouse!

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