It all started when I sent a smile to a beautiful lady through ChristianMingle. She answered with a “thank you.” That smile escalated to sending cards to each other, sometimes several times a day. After months of communicating through cards, we started e-mailing each other. This turned into exchanging telephone numbers and talking for several hours by phone. It was apparent we were interested in each other’s personality and life’s story. We quickly realized we both loved God and tried to live by His word.

We finally met at her suggestion in Georgia, where we were both surprised at what we saw.
We hugged and exchanged a small kiss and went to dinner where we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. After dinner, she suggested that we go to a local dance. We danced and soon found that we both enjoyed it! Her friend decided to take a photograph of us dancing and suggested that we kiss. We obliged her friend. Of course the friend said that she was unable to get the photo and wanted us to try again. This time we kissed a very good and long kiss.

At that moment, we knew we were put together by God’s will and that we were meant for each other.We spent the next three days together sight-seeing and just hanging out, and meeting her friends. I left to go back to Florida and after two days apart, we knew we had to see each other again. I made the trip back to Georgia after two days. During that trip, we talked, went out to eat, went dancing, spent time going to Church, and just enjoyed one another’s company. It was apparent that we were falling in love!

I talked her into making a trip to Ohio with me to my class reunion, staying with friends along the way. Those seven days were the turning point in our relationship. When we returned to Georgia, we knew were in love. After eight months of communicating and spending time together, I wanted her to see my home in Florida. She made arrangements to come out and in the meantime, I purchased an engagement ring. When she arrived, I wanted her to see the beautiful sunset at the beach. So we went that evening and watched the sunset. There was a full moon behind us and as the sun set, I asked her to marry me. With tears in her eyes, she accepted the ring. After the initial shock, we set a date to be married on January 9, 2010.

After a couple of months, we made arrangements for our wedding. In preparation for our wedding, my bride to be’s Sunday School class said that they wanted to do our reception. On January 9, 2010 we were married at the Baptist church in front of approximately 200 friends, guests and family. It was God’s grace that brought us together after both of us had given up hope!

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