One of the most common (and fun) ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate Easter eggs. Many people use store bought kits to decorate their eggs, but there are plenty of other ways to give your Easter eggs a little egg-citement! Here are our top five tips to let your egg decorating imagination run wild with Easter fun!

A Sweet Touch: Ribbons add a fun and pretty element to all of your Easter decorations, and that includes Easter eggs! Use glue or double-sided tape to attach a ribbon to your eggs. You can choose to add just one around the middle or wrap two ribbons around your egg with one at the top and another at the bottom, both look great!

Snap To It: Use rubber bands to give your Easter eggs a striped effect! Simply wrap your egg in a few rubber bands, drop them in the dye, let them dry on a paper towel and then remove the rubber bands to see the beautiful striped effect you’ve created!

Color Me Rad: Who says you need to use dye? Boil up your eggs and then color all over them while they’re still hot! The heat of the egg will melt the wax of the crayon, creating a cool, textured design. Designs are only limited by your imagination, so draw whatever you like on your eggs.

Funny Face: Give your Easter eggs a little personality by using glitter glue or 3-D paint to “draw” on eyes, a nose, mouth and hair! Making a girl egg? Purchase a tiny bow from a craft store (or borrow one from your child’s doll collection) for her hair. Making a boy egg? Use construction paper to give him a necktie! Take it one step further by purchasing wiggle eyes from a craft store and gluing them in place on your egg.

Egg Bunny: Turn your Easter egg into an egg bunny by adding wiggle eyes, bunny ears made out of construction paper and a cotton tail made out of a cotton ball. Then simply add a nose with a marker (or make one out of another cotton ball) and draw on a few whiskers. This decorating idea will make for a very hoppy Easter!

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